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Willowdrove Bluebell: stable name "Bella".


Bella started competing in April, 2016. 


She won her first couple of competitions and moved up to Novice quite quickly. 


Out of 11 tests at Novice she Won 8! 


She competed in the Regional Finals in March, 2017, at Novice level but found the whole experience rather ‘nerve-wracking’.


Despite this, in April, 2017, she moved up to Elementary and WON her class at only her THIRD attempt. 


She then went back to Novice to try and gain qualification for the Regionals.  This she did in only three outings. 


After this, she went on to WIN her next 7 Elementary tests!  


Swiftly moving up to Medium Level in May, 2018.  She WON all but 2 of the Medium Tests that she competed in. 


In March, 2019, the Jo and Bella attempted their first Advanced Medium test where they gained 67.0%! 


The pair spent the winter of 2019 and early 2020 in training with a view to attempting their first Pre St. George.  This they are still aiming to do when conditions allow.


To date, Bella has qualified for 2 Regional Finals at Medium Level.